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Our Vision

Innovate. Insights. Inspire.

Our Story

We're a boutique consulting company specialized in blockchain strategy, technology, investments and research. Our mission to leverage the enormous possibilities in the blockchain, crypto, web 3.0 and metaverse to design state-of-the-art solutions and strategies for critical business challenges, to help businesses to adapt to the next generation internet.  


We are pioneer in the blockchain/crypto space with over seven years of experience in designing end-to-end blockchain solutions and strategies as subject matter expert, and as an advisor to help business in their web 3.0 transformation. 


We are experts in token design, tokenomics, token launch, metaverse, NFTs, and crypto who have deep understanding of underlying technical challenges combined with good insights into economical modeling of token economics, and helping companies define their strategies that could drive their future  growth in web 3.0.


We also do market research & develop intelligence solutions for  customers to make informed decisions and to be competitive in their web 3 digital transformation journey.

We are a solid team specialized in blockchain technologies and strategies, and in research based development, ideation and building MVPs, pilots, and mainstream production systems for startups, mid size companies and innovation studios.


We're adequately funded and backed by our founders who are veterans in software space with over three decades of collective experience in emerging technologies and strategy consulting.​

Experienced Leadership

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