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Web 3 and beyond

Web 3 is the next iteration of internet, which has the unlimited potential to experience the web beyond two and three dimensional space to make it more collaborative, and immersive.

Web3 and Metaverse
Beyond 2D/3D experience

Web 1.0 = Read

Web 1.0 era was mainly based on static internet in the late 90s, with a client and server model. Communication is mostly one way, all the content were pushed to the user from a server, not much choices for an interaction. Mostly the information is passthrough read-only channels, not much choices for creating user's own content. Companies like Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Netscape etc shape up the era for Web 1.0.

Web 2.0 = Read + Write

Web 2.0 changed the internet dynamics with more and more sophisticated technologies like mobile, social media, streaming, cloud technologies etc further advanced the internet and enhanced the way people collaborate in an interactive two and three dimensional space. The key concept here is user can interact, read and write/create own content, but user don't own the space. Companies like Facebook, Apple, Twitter, Netflix, Paypal, Uber etc dominate the Web 2.0 era.

Web 3.0 = Read + Write + Own

Web 3.0 is the natural evolution into the next generation internet powered by blockchain, artificial intelligence, 5G, virtual and augmented reality etc where the communications, and interaction are more intuitive, interactive, seamless, inter connected through trust-less and censorship resistance networks with decentralized governance model. New set of tools, platforms, protocols, gears etc will unlock the potential of computing beyond two or three dimensional space with spatial computing to create a more appealing, and intuitive virtual worlds along with complete assurance of ownership. Humans can interact with one another as they do in the real world, with their new avatars and digital twins, to experience a more intuitive world beyond the reality, the Metaverse.

Teleporting into Metaverse
Teleport into Metaverse

Metaverse literally means “the world beyond”. Multiple virtual worlds are going to co-exist, and people get teleported into these different worlds through their digital avatars. This opens up new set of opportunities for developers, entrepreneurs, creators, innovators and brands to extend their digital presence by interacting, creating and owning their content and assets beyond their conventional two dimensional space into the expanding virtual worlds, the Metaverse. Web 3, is still at it's infancy and growing parabolically, unlike web 1 or web 2 the growth is not only attributed by big corporations but also by decentralized communities towards a more creator centric democratic economic models, for the user to read, create (write) and own the space.

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